About Gourmet Baking

Hi! Welcome to Gourmet Baking site.

I'm Bertha, Indonesian-born Chinese living in the US since 2001. I started out here as a student, studying hard to graduate with Chemical Engineering degree and Safety Engineering minor from Texas. I found a great passion in baking and pastry when I was in college, approximately in 2006 and has been enjoying baking and creating a masterpiece that's not only pleasing to the eye but also to the taste ever since. I'm currently working as a Firmware Engineer here in Bay Area, California (talk about completely different profession :D) and has been juggling balancing between work, social life, and baking life everytime, but I enjoy every second of it!

I love everything about food, but this blog is mainly for dessert only. I love creating and making something nice for other people, which hopefully will bring joy to them or at least a smile :). I experiment a lot with different ingredients and flavor combination to satisfy my Asian taste, but hopefully with French twist, hoping that I would be able to create something different that everybody will enjoy.

Many people asked me if I would post recipes for every dessert I make and I would love to do that but it's not possible everytime. I have a very limited spare time here and there and I am working really hard to keep this blog updated. I do try my best to post recipes for simpler desserts, maybe not the multi-layered ones at this time, but I always give the components of the dessert and I also always mention the link if I took the recipe from somewhere else. Please drop me a few lines if you have any questions and I would be more than happy to answer them. My hope is that this blog can be a little baking journal of mine and it can also be an inspiration as well as a blessing for other people :).